Engineering School-of-the-Streets


Fesz is an electronics educator. From his YouTube channel Fesz Electronics, Fesz broadcasts accessible electronics tutorials, vacuum-tube teardowns, LTSpice lessons, switch-mode power-supply design, Theremin circuitry, and much more. Fesz is a pro EE in the field, and electronics has been his passion from an early age. He's also pretty decent at rock climbing. Fesz is advising the BOOM on DC converter design.
Bob Mackey probably designed a core tech in the cellphone you're holding right now. Bob has more than thirty patents in display and touchsense. He designed and prototyped an ultralight glider, a semiconductor laser, Field Emission Display (FED), and a heat-pipe-based circuit board for the Air Force. Bob is also a pyrotechnic artist, and he juggles in his spare time. How does this man have spare time? The BOOM is very fortunate to have guidance from this incredible master of invention.
Patrick Muggler, Founder of ROBOLOCO STEM products for kids, Founder of Ambit Networks, formerly Product Manager and chip designer at Texas Instruments. Patrick is advising the BOOM on class D amplifier design.
Chris Maresca, Founder/CEO of Inertia Systems, is a down-to-earth dude who keeps his feet on the ground by restoring classic cars in his free time. Chris shares the BOOM's love for traditional handcrafting. He's advising the BOOM on nuts-and-bolts and hand-fabrication.
Malcolm Knapp leads the Engineer Accelerator, teaching professional electronics product development. Previously, he designed a low cost rechargeable lantern for rural African villages for The Millennium Villages Project.
Bruce Bishop, Fellow with the TE Connectivity Antenna Group, is advising the BOOM on antenna design. Bruce founded and grew TE's Antenna Group to a multimillion-dollar annual sales. With 40+ years of antenna design experience, Bruce was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by TE Connectivity for his contributions to antenna science. Bruce also has an antenna farm in his backyard.
Walt Maclay is President of Voler Systems. Walt advises the BOOM on interconnects. Voler Systems Contract Engineering in electronic design, software, and sensors.

Jacob Harel is VP of Product Management and Business Development for Zeidman Technologies. Jacob has guided a number of successful products from early concept to launch.

Both Walt and Jacob are Team Members of the Product Realization Group
Larry Trammell (aka RidgeRat), has many years experience in advanced data acqusition and embedded real-time data processing. He has advised the BOOM on DFT and Goertzel processing. Larry enjoys obscure adventures in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.
Eric, Kevin, Jon, Jia, and the crew of Technical Machine, creators of the amazing, javascript-programmable Tessel microcontroller, are assisting the BOOM with PCB prototyping, surface mount assembly, and fabrication options.
Marcus Rosenthal is Co-Founder & CEO of Revolve Robotics. Marcus is working with the BOOM to design our bicycle mounts.
Antolin Agatep is an embedded systems firmware architect with 15+ years developing WiFi, Bluetooth, biometric, defense, and consumer electronics. He holds a US patent related to antenna arrays, and he finds time every now and then to play some classical guitar. Antolin is working with the BOOM on development of our wireless solutions.

Mobile Lab

Eugene Korsunskiy -- Co-Founder of SparkTruck for his Masters Degree from Stanford U. SparkTruck is an educational build-mobile, which spread hands-on learning to kids all across the USA. SparkTruck won Fast Company Innovation by Design award, Maker Faire Educator's Choice 2013, and Maker Faire Editor's Choice 2012. Eugene is now Coordinator of Design Initiatives at the University of Vermont, and he loves to make things.
Jason Martin -- Founder/Director of Atlanta's STE(A)M Truck™, Georgia’s first mobile maker space, an innovation lab which inspires youth to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, by bringing tools, equipment and experts directly to students. Jason is winner of more awards than we can fit on this page, including National Geographic and many more.


Robin Patin -- Former Project Leader at Tech All Stars/Europe, and Organizer of Startup Weekend/Copenhagen, Robin works in Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for startups. She helps startups become successful. She's passionate about tech, humanitarian causes, and all things international.

Product Management

Faran Thomason -- a toy and video game industry veteran, with companies such as Nintendo, Atari, and MGA Entertainment, across genres including Mobile, Sports, MMO, Real Time Strategy, Action/Adventure and First Person Shooters. Faran has developed and shipped dozens of acclaimed titles, that have sold millions of units at retail, and have won awards from industry groups such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Dr. Toy, SIGGRAPH, PBS and GamePro.

Art Curation

Ron Turner, legendary San Francisco-based underground comix publisher and distributor, Founder of Last Gasp Comics, one of the largest and oldest peddlers of underground books and comix in the world.