Our Awesome Implementation Team

Engineering School-of-the-Streets

Youth Outreach

George Franklin, Resident of Double Rock Housing

Wireless Engineering

Nick Brennan is prototyping the BOOM's custom wireless hardware and firmware. As a design engineer at Keysight Technologies, Nick designs mixed-signal hardware, gateware (FPGA), firmware, and software for instrumentation platforms, microwave network analysis, and automated calibration. By night, Nick enjoys his motorcycle and tending to his honeybees.


Avnish Aggarwal is helping the BOOM improve the audio-quality of our boombox, with absolutely stellar embedded design-prototyping of the BOOM's original Sweep Spectrum Analyzer. Previously, Avi developed Python blackbox tests of wireless chargers for Laird. Earlier in his career, he fine-tuned firmware on the earliest TCP/IP cards -- before TCP/IP was a standard -- and chaired RFC 1001. Avi enjoys sipping Chai tea, listening to classical Indian music, and spending time with his inventive granddaughter.

Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Fitzgerald, Principal Solution Architect at Autodesk, is a CAD Specialist and adviser for our battery-pack design. Thomas is skilled in 3D Design and design automation solutions for the manufacturing industry. He's also an extremely inventive designer, hardworking, and a generous, humble spirit.
Julian Farnam, Senior Technical Applications Engineer at Fictiv, is CAD Specialist and adviser for our battery-pack design. Julian was Director of Chassis Development at Boson Electric Motorcycles, Industrial Designer at Dolby Labs, and designer of lithium cell battery packs for Boosted Boards.
Francois Brahic, Lead Product Designer at 219 Design, is helping the BOOM develop our battery mounting system. Francois' sweet spot is the intersection of Mechanical Engineering, UX design, and Industrial Design, from conception to mass production. Wotta massive sweet spot! His work includes a low-cost medical device for remote communities in India, surgical robotics, and a networked e-scooter lock. Francois is a wilderness adventurer, loves backpacking the Sierras, and being a role-model for his 8 month old daughter, Cora.

Engineering Education

Sam Truesdale helps ensure the BOOM's mechanical engineering supports our educational mission. Like, designing a toolkit that keeps tools from getting lost, and making sure boombox features are not too hard to build-- or too easy.
Product Quality Manager for iPhone at Apple Inc., 2005 Black Engineer of The Year Awards, Ebony Magazine “Top 30 Under 30", ASEE Diversity Council, the College and Industry Partnership, and the Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration. LinkedIn

Sound Design

JD David is helping the BOOM create a kickass boombox, by evaluating driver parameters, enclosure volumes, amplifiers, equalization, and more. He is an experienced loudspeaker systems engineer from Boston Acoustics, where he brought numerous loudspeaker products to market, before joining Dolby Labs to deploy audio codecs and creative tools.
Creative Applications Product Manager at Dolby Labs, Loudspeaker Systems Engineer at Boston Acoustics. LinkedIn

Electrical Engineering

Sean O'Callaghan is an electronics genius. Check out his 800W Class-D amplifier design. Sean is working with the BOOM on Class D amplifier design and power supplies.  dawnofthecomputer@gmail.com
Bryan Day is a musical improviser, instrument inventor, recording artist, illustrator, installation artist, and Electrical Engineer. He has generously donated his time and incredible creativity to the BOOM. Bryan solved several of our critical engineering challenges, including our battery and pcb mounting methods and more. Bryan is a stellar contributor to our core boombox design. Thank you, Bryan!  bryanday.net
Peter Ossian is an embeddded engineer. Peter is working with the BOOM on microcontroller hardware, UML, and firmware. msuossianpe@gmail.com
John Weiss, BOOM Founder, is Project Lead 


Monica Ruck


Elina Lin


Eva Lee, Online Marketing.

Web Development

Olivia Li, Graphic Designer. https://www.facebook.com/olivia.land
Gaëlle Vaudaine, Web Developer. http://tarabusk.net/web-developer.php

Artistic Support

Yukari Tanaka is a San Francisco based digital illustrator and photographer. Yukari assisted the BOOM with artist-communication.