Engineering School-of-the-Streets

The Bayview BOOM grows engineering mastery and economic self-determination, among marginalized teens who are struggling against dangerous odds. Our goal is to transform our teens into the workforce of a new high-tech cottage industry in handcrafted electronics, and into tradespeople to offset America's growing skilled-labor shortage. America is facing a severe shortage of skilled construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and masons. No college degree is needed to enter these high-paying specialties.

Meanwhile, marginalized youths of color are facing a crisis-level lack of opportunity, and college is out of reach for many. They're falling into truancy, criminal activity, dangerous drugs, violence, prison, and early death. When teens fail, it costs all of society in reduced productivity, and an overburdened justice system, prisons, and health-care.

The BOOM is connecting the dots, and raising the bar for youth achievement. We deliver no-cost hands-on training in hardware product design, fabrication, and marketing. We focus on small-scale, low-cost, hand-crafting, not factory-production.

Our youth-experience is culturally-appropriate and non-institutional, based on traditional Master-Apprentice relationship. Our curriculum is optimized to ensure every apprentice builds something powerful, beautiful, and transformative. We have a special focus on girls.

There are geniuses languishing in the 'hood. Our society can benefit from their talents.

(based on an adaptation of "Get to Aha!" methodology, created by 1984 Macintosh marketing-lead, Andy Cunningham)